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Mobile Apps

A mobile app for short is a software application designed to run on a smartphone, tablet or other electronic hand-held device. Using apps is to add extra functionality to a mobile device so that it can be extended to multi-purpose.

Usually, a device comes with preinstalled apps by the manufacturer or service provider. Other apps are available from the app store. There are free apps, but there are others which must be paid for. Some apps are available in both a free and a paid version. Usually, the free version shows advertising or paid version offers more features.

Using mobile apps

Apps are created to make the life for the user easier. They can be used to access information quickly. Content applications can range from sports, weather, or news applications to applications related to internet banking, entertainment, books, photography, cooking, music, lifestyle, education, route navigation, games, and business.

Some apps offer the ability to respond quickly to an article, photo or video. Apps are also suitable to use as “crowdsource” instrument.

Download apps and Games

It is recommended that you only download apps from the official channels. Use the following stores to download apps and games on your phone:
App Store (iPhone, iPod and iPad)
Play Store (Android)
Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone)
Blackberry World (Blackberry)

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