Cut the Rope

26 Jan
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Cut the string and feed the monster

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game with a clear goal: to feed an animal with a treat. You do this by a cutting a string with a finger swipe. Gravity plays a major role because after the cutting the string the treat falls. If the treat falls in the mouth of the monster, then you can continue the level.

Simple but addictive

The fact that simple games have success should not be a secret in the digital software stores. The immense popularity of Angry Birds and Tiny Wings (iPhone) partly has to do with the simple design, addictive game style, and of course the cute characters. That is no different with Cut the Rope. Protagonist (you) in this story is a little green creature that arrives in a cardboard box.

The controls in Cut the Rope is very intuitive. Create a cutting motion with your finger and break the string. The candy falls and should drop in the mouth of our little hero. Of course there are some objects in the way, such as boards with sharp points that destroy the candy. In the levels, there are also components available that will help you progress, in the form of a bubble that flies up the candy.

Cut the Rope spreads her breezy style of play over hundreds of levels. The game, therefore, is hardly boring, because it does not stop!


  • Fine controls
  • Cute characters
  • Many levels


  • We did not find them

Download Cut the Rope

Download Cut the Rope for iPhone (free)
Download Cut the Rope for iPad (free)
Download Cut the Rope for Android (free)
Download Cut the Rope for Windows 8 and 10 (free)

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