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4 Feb
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Airmail for iOS is finally available to everyone. The application was previously in beta but now has an official launch. We have tested the alternate mail app.

Airmail opportunities for iOS

Airmail is already available some time on the Mac and is particularly popular on the platform. For example, the mail app can be found under our list of best email apps for the Mac. Although the iOS version, except for 3D Touch support, provides little new compared to the Mac version, it’s certainly nice that the mobile app is now officially available.

The good thing about Airmail is that there are many options to personalize the app, without being bogged down in all the options. The app supports multiple accounts, works fast and does not focus only on viewing and responding to e-mails, but also to perform tasks. You can mark emails, set a tag, or complete tasks. Even finer is that you can snooze your emails so that they brought to the attention again at a time that suits you better.

If you wipe your email to the right, then a complete task list with default actions and additional options appear. You can not only classify an email as spam but also, create a PDF or save the mail in your calendar. In addition, everything is automatically synchronized. If you snooze on your iPhone, it also appears on your Mac and vice versa.

Airmail iOS Download


The design of Airmail is easy, simple and clear. There are also opportunities to personalize the app. You can change the color, but also choose a different font, or noise filter. The app also supports not only iCloud but also Google Drive or Dropbox and can work with third-party apps like Wunderlist or Todoist. In this way, it can still make it easier to perform tasks.

Version 1.0 of Airmail for iOS is now available for download in the App Store for $4.99. The app requires 94,4MB of free storage and iOS 9.0 or later.

Download Airmail

Download Airmail for iPhone ($4.99)

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