Alive: Create and edit collages of your Live Foto’s

25 Dec
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The iOS app Alive is a collection for all your Live Photos and allows you to change them in different ways. A handy app for iPhone 6S users.

Edit Live Photos

Since the launch of the iPhone 6S, several apps that appeared allows you to customize your Live Photos. Alive is one of them, but was renewed recently entirely. The app brings all Live pictures on your iPhone 6S (Plus) together and presents them in an attractive way. Alive contains several options though the most important one is that you can create beautiful collages with it. So add it easy moving pictures together into one story to tell, but you can also add videos.

Alive includes an option convert to Live photos to a regular photo. This is useful when the moving effect is not as good, but you want to keep the picture. Converting Live Pictures can also help you save a lot of storage space on your iPhone.

Alive Live Photos

As mentioned, Alive works not only with Live Photos because videos are also supported. You can easily create a collage of movies or convert them to a gif file. It is of course also possible to share Live Photos from Alive, which can on Facebook or Twitter.

Download Alive for iOS

Want to give Alive try, then you can download the app from the link below. The app is free and requires 12,9MB and iOS 9 or newer.

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