Alto Mail: smart and fine email app organizes your email

6 Nov
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Alto Mail is a new email app from the American Internet service AOL. The application works with various services, looks beautiful, and is pleasant to use.

A smart and nice e-mail app

With Alto, AOL Mail is a competitor to Google Inbox and other popular e-mail applications. Alto wants to make it easier to find and get information faster from email. For this, the app uses the so-called stack-feature. This function organizes all emails based on content and attachments. For example, emails with attachments, photos or personal messages are separated, allowing the user to search easily.

The cards feature highlights e-mails with important information. Consider, for example, a reservation for dinner or travel on a holiday.

When you open Alto Mail, the interface and appearance of the app stands out in a positive way. Alto has been formed according to the Material Design of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), which is characterized by its beautiful colors, smooth animations, and round action button. The latter is used in the main menu to set up an e-mail and to respond within individual messages.

With the icon in the upper left the burger menu is opened, this is where you will find not only the Stack function, but you also can switch between your inbox, sent emails, and trash. It works remarkably simple and fast. In the same menu, you can also add new accounts. By default, Alto supports Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL and more.

Alto Mail Download for Android

Are you looking for a new email app for Android, then you definitely must give Alto Mail a try. A nice feature is that the app is free to use and contains no in-app purchases. Download Alto Mail via the link below.

Email - Organized by Alto
Email - Organized by Alto
Developer: AOL Inc.
Price: Free
  • Email - Organized by Alto Screenshot
  • Email - Organized by Alto Screenshot
  • Email - Organized by Alto Screenshot
  • Email - Organized by Alto Screenshot
  • Email - Organized by Alto Screenshot

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