Apple Music Memos

23 Jan
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Music Memos is a new app from Apple aimed at musicians. The app allows you to record musical ideas and fast tunes.

Apple Music Memos

In addition to an update to the extensive music app GarageBand, Apple has released Music Memos. It’s an app that lets you easily record your music when, for example, a great idea comes to mind or if you just want to save something. The application is more extensive than the Dictaphone app, which is installed by default on any iOS device, but a lot simpler than GarageBand.

When you open Music Memos for the first time, you immediately notice the good looks. The app uses dark colors and has only a few buttons. In the middle, you will find a circle where you press to start recording. With the same button, you can stop the recording. At the top you’ll find three buttons, the left one being the automatic mode. Which is convenient, because when the option is enabled, you do nothing record music. The app automatically starts when sound is detected.

Music Memos App

With the button at the top, you will find all the recordings back and the button on the right shows the pitch. Are you done with the app, you can give the recording a title and some keywords. So you can find them easily again the more you use the app. Music Memos works standard with iCloud Drive, which synchronizes your saved recordings across all your iOS devices.

You can also share the memos with friends via email or open them in GarageBand to work more extensively with additional instruments. Useful is the option to export ideas to the Mac, so you can, for example, edit them in the program Logic Pro X. B

Download Apple Music Memos

The Music Memos app is free in the App Store and can be downloaded via the link below. The app is 122MB and works on all devices running iOS 9.1 or newer.
Download Apple Music Memos for iPhone (free)
Download Apple Music Memos for iPad (free)

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