Blendoku 2: challenging variation on Sudoku

24 Nov

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In Blendoku 2 you don’t puzzle with numbers, but with colors. In each level you must make a specific combination of colored surfaces that can run horizontally or vertically. And over time that becomes very challenging.

Puzzle with Blendoku 2

Blendoku 2 starts simple, with small levels which explains how to insert the colors from your color palette in the right way on the board. That way, for example, you create a gradient that runs from dark red to light pink. Or from light to dark. As you progress, the game board is bigger and you have more (different) colors you have to put in the right place. The video below shows some of the puzzles in the game.

Blendoku 2 contains 500 levels to play for free, though you can buy more level packs via in-app purchase. Even without spending real money, however, the game is worth it. If you think the game level ‘Simple’ is easy, then you can also to play with more difficult puzzles. There are four levels, each offering plenty of challenges. The audiovisual presentation of Blendoku 2 is simple, but that is not a bad thing.

Download Blendoku 2

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Blendoku 2
Blendoku 2
Developer: Lonely Few LLC
Price: Free+

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