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2 May
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Hi and welcome to Candy Crush Saga download. If you would like to know how to download Candy Crush, then this is website is for you.

Candy crush is available as a free download for the following devices:
iPhone and iPad (from the App Store)
Android (from the Play Store)


Candy Crush Saga is a video game that was released in April 2012. The game could originally only be played on Facebook. In November 2012 Candy Crush Saga was also available for smartphones and tablet PCs. The game was developed by King. In March 2013 Candy Crush Saga passed the Facebook game Farmville 2 as the most popular game with 45.6 million monthly users.

Game rules

Playing Candy Crush Saga is as follows: the aim is to get as many levels. This is done by making surprising combinations with sweets. In one level you play to get as many points as possible and at another level, you have to clear the road from gelatin. There are various combinations of candies as possible to help you when you play a level.

Candy Crush Rules


Sweets are the most important aspect in Candy Crush Saga. By clearing the candies away you can get to the next level. There are six types of candies that look different in appearance.


There are five different types of fields.

  • Scoring: The player receives a number of moves and have to get the score within that set.
  • Gelatin: The player gets a number of moves and should clear all the gelatin within that set.
  • Ingredients tear down: There appear special ingredients (cherry or walnut) in the field in a specified number of moves to be played down.
  • Time: The player needs to know to get a number of points within the specified time.
  • Orders: The player needs to know some special treats to get through to get to the next level combinations.


The game has a maximum of 5 lives. Every 30 minutes you will get a new life. The player has the option to request additional lives from friends or to buy lives.


There are several boosters to play. Way more sweets at once The first booster do you get when you make a row of four the same sweets. This booster will depend on whether the line is horizontal or vertical by a combination next move the booster, the entire row road games. The second booster you get when you simultaneously play three sweets vertical and horizontal road. If you use this booster it twice explodes and then plays all the surrounding sweets away. The last booster is the finest and plays all the sweets in the game away from the candy that you combine these. You get this booster if you have five of the same candies in a row.

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