Chatting at work with Work Chat from Facebook

28 Nov
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Facebook has launched a chat app that is specifically made for companies. This must take on the competition with, among others, the popular Slack.

This is what you can do with Work Chat

If you think about chatting at work, you will end up with Slack. Facebook seems to have noticed the success of the chat app because the company now comes with its own app that was created purely for business users. The app is based on Facebook at Work, a version of Facebook that was created for businesses to connect all employees together.

Some companies work with tens of thousands of employees, creating a complete social network is not such a strange idea. Next year Facebook will launch at Work with a freemium model. This work version of Facebook is similar to the social network that we know, but with a focus on productivity and communications between teams. So probably less Farmville and cat pictures.

At this moment, Facebook at Work is opened for a limited number of companies. To use Work Chat, the Facebook app at Work is also needed. The chat app is still only used by a limited number of companies. Work Chat looks virtually the same as the normal messenger app.

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