Chromer puts an end to in-app browsers

31 Dec
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Chromer ensures that links are not opened with an in-app browser, but with Chrome. For this, the app is using the Chrome Custom Tabs feature.

This is Chromer

When you tap on a link in an Android app, is typically used WebView System to open it. Most Android Apps don’t have its own browser. However, WebView is a fairly limited browser, partly because your passwords and bookmarks are not synchronized. To improve the browsing experience in Android apps, this year at Google I / O Custom Chrome Tabs was announced.

With Chrome Custom Tabs, Chrome browser will be available within each app. As a result, you have a much better browser and more features. The problem is that Chrome Custom Tabs is used by few app developers.

The new app Chromer ensures that each app can make use of Custom Tabs, without the developer having to implement this. Instead of links opening in a brackish in-app browser, Chromer ensures that this happens with Chrome. The app load pages significantly faster and you do not have to log in every time on websites. Customs Chrome Tabs are also a lot safer and also let you use the data saving mode of Chrome.

Download Chromer

Chromer is a good way to improve the overall browsing experience. The app is free to download via the link below, is 1.3 MB and requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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