Clipboard Actions: handy clipboard app for Android

29 Dec
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Clipboard Actions is a handy tool if you regularly copy and paste text on your Android. You can find all the functions of the clipboard app at your fingertips, in the notification bar.

Cut and paste

Clipboard Actions is a small, free app that has no crazy permissions needed and adds useful features to your notification bar. After installation, you will find all the words and text that you copied and various actions that you can perform with it. Consider sharing, currency conversions, and definitions requests. You also have the option to shorten links, look up addresses and you can easily switch between previously copied text. You just have to pull the notification bar down and then press the arrow keys to view your history.

Additionally, Clipboard Actions has several small features, such as filling of Google searches, telephone numbers in the Phone app and translating words into a language of choice. Finally, use the app to enter text into a classic QR code that is easy to share with others.

Download Clipboard Actions

Through the link below you can download Clipboard Actions in Google Play. The app is 1.7MB in size and requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Clipboard Actions & Manager
Clipboard Actions & Manager
  • Clipboard Actions & Manager Screenshot
  • Clipboard Actions & Manager Screenshot
  • Clipboard Actions & Manager Screenshot

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