Coin-Op Heroes 2: entertaining rpg

20 Nov
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Coin-Op Heroes 2 is a new role playing game with retro graphics and simple controls. You can control the game with one finger although it has more depth than you might initially think.

Tap, tap, tap

The main character in Coin-Op Heroes 2 is trapped in an arcade machine and it’s up to you to liberate him from this by killing countless pixelated bad guys. In addition, you earn coins to and expand your army. You also need the coins to travel to other areas in your search for Death Stalker, the final boss in the game. In addition, you can use them to buy better weapons, so that you have a chance against bigger and stronger opponents.

In Coin-Op Heroes 2 you mainly train your thumb. By tapping on the image, you perform attacks. Yet the game is just a bit more to the body than other games that can be controlled with one finger. As you progress, you have to go tactical steps to choose the right men. Certain enemies have the ability to decimate your army at once, making you vulnerable to their attacks.

If toy die, your gold bundle is taken away and you can (almost) start from scratch. It is in that case smarter to play a previous level to collect coins and make your army stronger. You can also buy coins with real money, although that is not required to have fun with the game. There are also advertisements in Coin-Op Heroes 2, but they are not in the way of the action.

Coin-Op Heroes 2

Pleasant about Coin-Op Heroes 2 is that in-app purchases can be turned off, so that for example children can play the game without any worries.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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