Dashy Crashy: how long can you keep up on this highway

21 Dec
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We have seen the style of Crossy Road now seen more often in iOS games. Sometimes it produces a good game too, like with Dashy Crashy.

Chaos in traffic

Why Dashy Crashy reminds us to Crossy Road immediately stands out when you start the game. This is entirely due to the visual style because like Crossy Road, Dashy Crashy also has bright colors and angular objects in the environment.

In Dashy Crashy, you simply try to come as far as possible driving on a highway with five lanes. Swipe left or right to change from lane and that is necessary because your fellow road users change lanes too. And since you as a player drive faster than anyone else, you have to play daredevil to not clash. By swiping up or down, you can actually Throttle up or brake.

Not new, but fun

In itself, the game offers nothing new under the hood, but the presentation and how it plays make sure you pick it up quickly. A voiceover you informs of the progress. On the horizon is the score that ever increases the further you go.

Eventually, there comes a time when you crash. Then you are right away game over and get a rating. As in Crossy Road, you unlock new thing the more you play. In Dashy Crashy, these things are cars that you get as gifts or you can pay for it.

Download Dashy Crashy

Dashy Crashy is perfect for short play sessions. Perhaps it had played better if you could tap on the screen rather than sweeping because the swipe is not always fast enough. Because the game in a collision stops immediately, it can be annoying if it fails once. Dashy Crashy is completely free to download, so try the game for yourself.

‎Dashy Crashy
‎Dashy Crashy
Developer: :DUMPLING design
Price: Free+
  • ‎Dashy Crashy Screenshot
  • ‎Dashy Crashy Screenshot
  • ‎Dashy Crashy Screenshot
  • ‎Dashy Crashy Screenshot
  • ‎Dashy Crashy Screenshot

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