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24 Aug
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Want to Download Prisma? Keep reading for more details on Prisma on iPhone and Android. The new photo app Prisma is currently a hit on social media. And that’s not without a reason because it can turn the most boring picture into a beautiful painting.

This is what you can do with Prisma

The App Store is full of photo apps, making it difficult for developers to stand out with their new app. Many users have already their favorite app to edit photographs on their phones, or rather using the filters of Instagram. Therefore, it is so amazing that Prism is already downloaded so many times.

Prism turns any photo into a kind of painting, where you as a user have very little to do. You select a picture from your Camera Roll or instantly create a new, and choose a filter at the bottom. By default, there are quite a lot of filters available, which makes it fun to experiment with the effects. You can always change the selected filter at the bottom with buttons.

Unique to Prisma is that the app uses so-called convolutional neural networks. This means that the app runs on large servers and not simply puts a filter on a photo, but builds it all over again. The result is very pleasing because with a few taps your snap turns into a Van Gogh painting.

Furthermore, it is nice that the app is not cluttered of redundant functions. You only see your photos, the available effects, and three buttons to share your image on Instagram or Facebook, or save it locally on your phone.

Download Prism

Altogether Prisma is highly recommended because you can totally download and use the app for free. The download link can be found below, the app works on all devices running iOS and Android and weighs 15,5MB.

Download Prisma for iPhone (free)
Download Prisma for Android (free)
Download Prisma for Windows Phone (n/a)

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