Draw Your Game: Create your own Android game

26 Nov
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Creating apps is not a task for everyone, but with Draw Your Game it becomes very easy. You design a simple game that you can play right.

This is what you can do with Draw Your Game

The structure of Draw Your Game is quite unique. Instead of opening the app and this creates a game world, you have to draw your ideas with markers on real paper. Draw Your Game to make it as a photo, and the app automatically transforms it into an Android game. It takes time before the process is complete, but it works remarkably well.

Draw Your Game asks you to proceed with different colors. With the black color, you tell the game where your character can run over. Blue is used to draw objects that you can move and with green you create shapes where the doll can bounce from. When you step onto a red object, it’s game over and you have to start again.

In Draw Your Game, however, you do not always have to play your own game. Indeed, it is possible to start games of other users. In a catalog, all created games are collected and you can choose different game modes. Of course, it is also possible to share your own game. The control system works on the basis of three virtual buttons: left and right move and jump.

Download Draw Your Game

If you would like to try Draw Your Game, you can download the app via the link below. The app is free to use, but with an in-app purchase for $2.99 you can buy the full version.

Draw Your Game
Draw Your Game
Developer: Zero-One
Price: Free+
  • Draw Your Game Screenshot
  • Draw Your Game Screenshot
  • Draw Your Game Screenshot

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