Find ‘safe’ Wi-Fi hotspots with Avast Wi-Fi Finder

1 Jan

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There are several apps in Google Play with which it is possible to find public Wi-Fi networks nearby. Avast Wi-Fi Finder is trying to distinguish itself by emphasizing safety. Does it succeed?

Seeking ‘safe’ Wi-Fi hotspots

Are you traveling and you do not want to incur high costs or to take out expensive data bundles, it is tempting to connect your device to a public Wi-Fi network. The use of public, often unsecured Wi-Fi networks, however, has the necessary risks. After all, everyone can connect to a public network and monitor your Internet traffic. If you must connect to an unsecured WiFi network, then it is advisable to establish a VPN to encrypt the connection and protect your privacy.

With that in mind, we look somewhat critically to Avast Wi-Fi Finder, which promises the users to bring secure Wi-Fi networks in a map. After installing the app, you can instantly scan Wi-Fi networks around and see which do not require a password to connect.
With GPS enabled you will see also hotspots around where you can navigate to. By clicking on the appropriate network, you get information about security, speed, and rating. Unfortunately, there are currently barely networks that are assessed. This makes it difficult to estimate the extent to which it is safe to connect to a network.

On networks that have not been assessed, you can let the app perform tests to measure the speed and security. The latter encourages the use of a VPN app, where, not surprisingly, SecureLine VPN from the company itself is advised.

The functionality of Avast Wi-Fi Finder stands and falls with the network being judged and labeled as safe. At present, there are very few, so the app is really only suitable for scanning of public Wi-Fi hotspots in the neighborhood. Which the app does fine, thanks to the slick and uncluttered interface.

Download Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Via the link below you download the latest version of Avast Wi-Fi Finder. The app is free to download.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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