“First Nintendo iOS game is more than a social network”

24 Dec
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Miitomo. That’s the name of the first game from Nintendo that appears for iOS. It’s still not released, but we now know a bit more about the game.

Miitomo game

Nintendo makes Miitomo along with the Japanese company DeNA, which has more experience with smartphone games. The CEO of DeNA, Isao Moriyasu, gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal. In that interview he talked about Miitomo, pointing to a little more price details surrounding the game.

It was previously known that Miitomo would be more a social network than a game as you might expect from Nintendo. Still, fans of the Japanese company do not need to worry as Moriyasu said “There’s that distinct Nintendo feel to the game that gives you a certain comfort and nostalgia. The user interface, feel and sound—it’s all very Nintendo”.

Buying clothes in the game

Although Miitomo is to a large extent a social platform where you can chat with friends, it remains real Nintendo, says Moriyasu. “Miitomo focused more than other social services to entertainment. Communication will be central to the game, but several elements can be added, such as mini-games to play with friends. ”

Miitomo will be free to download, but it gets in-app purchases. “Miitomo places more emphasis on entertainment. The process of discovering new aspects of your friends via Miis can be quite fun.” A Mii is the name of the character that allows players to chat with others. These figures are quite adaptable so that they are a cartoon version of yourself, but you can also do something completely different.

If you chat with each other in Miitomo, you will see these dolls of others. That is an essential difference from regular chat services, says Moriyasu. “We are thinking to link the game to your friends on Facebook. It can be fun to see friends you do not talk to very often”. Miitomo should be in the App Store around March.

Source: WSJ

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