Focus Camera App Review and Download

24 Dec

For many users, the iPhone’s default camera app will do just fine, but whoever wants to shoot some professional photographs, will ramp quickly into limitations. Focus is a good alternative.

Expand your focus

As the name suggests, the emphasis in this camera app is on the perfect visualization of your subject. Focus has a handy built-in feature called Smart Focus Peaking, which lets you see real-time how much of what you want to photograph is sharp. The function helps to create a great depth effect, in which the background is blurred and the foreground is in focus.

The app also gives, while shooting, information about the ISO sensitivity and shutter, though you also have the ability to adjust that. As befits a good camera app, you also have the ability to adjust white balance and brightness, so that in every situation you shoot the best possible photo with the camera of your iPhone.

Focus is not hugely extensive but has most of the features you daily need. Additionally, you can set up guides and grids to ensure that the composition of the picture is correct. Finally, you can, as in the standard app, apply timers and filters. Photos are automatically saved in the gallery.

Download Focus in the App Store

Focus is temporarily available at 50 percent off and will cost you 99 cents. To use the app, you need at least iOS 8+ and at least 12MB of free storage space.

‎Prime - RAW Manual Camera
‎Prime - RAW Manual Camera
Developer: Klinger
Price: $2.99

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