Focus Gallery app lets you protect photos and videos

27 Nov
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The fine gallery app Focus is updated with a feature that allows users to hide pictures and videos. They could be made visible by your fingerprint or entering a code.

These improvements will bring the Focus Update

Focus is since late July available for free for Android and is a pleasant alternative to the default gallery app. The design is a bit like Google Photos, but provides a convenient overview of the different folders on your device. For example, it contains your WhatsApp photos, screenshots, and selfie-shots in a separate view.

In addition to support for fingerprint scanners, the update brings huge speed improvements, and several bugs are fixed. This makes the gallery app even more enjoyable to use. Furthermore, there are new animations when opening and closing of pictures and frequently used words are displayed when entering tags. Photos tag is one of the main functions of Focus and gives you the ability to create order out of chaos.

Focus offers editing and sharing options and you can logically delete files from your gallery. There is also support for gifs and developer Francisco Franco, known from the Franco Kernel, reports that he continues to update the app the next time with new features.

Focus Update Download

Focus is available as a free download in Google Play and is free of advertising (although there are in-app purchases). The app requires Android 4.1+ and a minimum of 12MB of free storage space.

Focus - Picture Gallery
Focus - Picture Gallery
  • Focus - Picture Gallery Screenshot
  • Focus - Picture Gallery Screenshot
  • Focus - Picture Gallery Screenshot

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