Fruit Ninja Free

24 Jan
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Fruit Ninja Free is a fast game for people with a good response. In the fresh game, you cut fruit in half and you have to avoid occasional bombs. Fruit Ninja Free is completely free to download, supported by the ads that shows every now and then.

The simplest games are often very successful. Also at Fruit Ninja Free: a game with fruit that shoots in the air. All you need to do in Fruit Ninja Free is the left and right movement of your finger to make cutting motions. If you touch a piece of fruit you score points. If you cut your multiple fruits at once you score more points.

Fruit Ninja Free play is a single player game, with three different modes. The game modes for one player are very interesting, because you play with bombs (classic mode) or without explosions (Zen mode). There is also a mode with lots of bonuses, but a lot of hustle and fruit on screen (arcade mode). We still await anxiously for the multiplayer option on Android, which is currently only present in the iPhone version.

Fruit Ninja Free plays great and looks beautiful. Making the different play modes of Fruit Ninja an outright winner! Thanks to the many playing styles (from light to adrenaline pumping), the game is suitable for any type of smartphone user.


  • Different playing styles
  • Beautiful images
  • Prima control


  • Ads

Download Fruit Ninja Free

Download Fruit Ninja Free for Android (free)
Download Fruit Ninja Free for iPhone (free)
Download Fruit Ninja Free for iPad (free)

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