Game of War – Fire Age

17 Jun
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Getting Started in Game of War – Fire Age
If you want to succeed when playing Game of War-Fire Age then you will need to join with others and fulfil quests. The more you complete the stronger you become. As part of an alliance you will be a stronger fighter and you will find it easy to work well with others as there is a translator, so you will be understood by players from across the world. You build up to 100 members to your team and there is the chance to join temporarily with other teams.

Becoming Strong

In order to build up your village and troops, you have to produce food provide shelter and it is great fun watching your orders being carried out. It is an empire building game and can be played just as well on a phone or an iPad. To succeed you should play daily and be prepared to steer your troops away from danger. Whenever you play you get gifts and strength and participation is easy as tasks are carried out just by a click. Basically the game is free, but there is the chance to improve abilities by buying gold.
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