Get in the Christmas mood with A Good Snowman

14 Dec

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A Good Snowman is a nice puzzle game that helps you – despite the lack of snow – to get into the mood for Christmas. In the game, you need to build snowmen with a monster.

Puzzle with snowballs

It will probably take some time before there is enough snow in our country to build snowmen, and if we have a white Christmas this year, remains to be seen. To still get you in the mood for the holidays, you can get started with A Good Snowman. In this game, you play with a black monster that must collect in small gardens balls to make a snowman.

This sounds easier than it actually is. In every garden is in fact very little space and is just enough snow to make a beautiful doll. You have to take care that the lower ball is larger than the middle and upper and consider the various obstacles in each level. Logically, this is more difficult as you progress through the game.

A Good Snowman sounds like a generic puzzle game, but the presentation and music are actually pretty good. The game has a nice cartoonish style and matching music that give it much personality. Moreover, the reaction of the monster as he has built a snowman every time gives a satisfied feeling.

Download A Good Snowman

A Good Snowman with $4.99 is not a cheap game, but, fortunately, it is free from advertising and in-app purchases.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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