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21 Jan
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Google Chrome is the browser of Google. Open web applications and games in a nice, easy, and especially fast interface. Chrome is the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

More than a browser

Chrome is a fast browser that lets you surf smoothly across the internet. All major technologies such as HTML5 and Flash are supported.

Besides loading web pages, Chrome also opens many complex Web applications, such as Angry Birds and Chrome Remote Desktop.

Actually, Chrome is an operating system in an operating system. The Chrome OS-based browser can run many applications.

Personal navigation
If you link your Chrome with your Google account, then it is possible to synchronize your data and bookmarks across multiple computers and devices. This is very useful if you also use Chrome on Android or iOS.

Google Chrome Android
Google Chrome running on Android.

In Incognito Mode, you can surf completely private. Nothing is saved and so this way of browsing is ideal to protect your privacy.

Fully customizable
A unique feature of Chrome is the support for multiple users. Ideal if you share your computer with others.

Extensions and themes can customize your Chrome to your own taste. There are thousands of these supplements, so there is plenty of choice. And if you can not find what you want, you make them easily yourself.

Google Chrome is very easy to use. In the single bar, called Omnibox, you can enter web addresses and search on Google (or other search engines). Google provides based on the words you enter suggestions from your history, Web pages, or applications installed.

From the home page, it gives you quick access to the most visited and favorite pages and recently closed tabs.

In the Options panel, you can easily change the settings. This is much more pleasant to use than the typical window full of tabs in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Deleting your data is simple. Go to the Tools menu and open the advanced options. Click the Clear Browsing Data button and choose the period and the type of data you want to delete.

Incognito mode will activate from the Tools menu or by pressing Control + Shift + N. The window will change subtly to show that you’re surfing private.

Google Chrome Incognito

Exceptional performance and compatibility
With its V8 engine, Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the market. The performance improves version after version.

Chrome is compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and Flash. PDF files are loaded it in its own viewer so you do not have to install additional programs.

Special care for security
Google Chrome checks all individual tabs for viruses. If a page is unstable, only this is closed, not your entire browser.

Best browser

More and more people are using Google Chrome as their primary browser. Due to its attractive design, high speed, and adaptability it is the best browser on the market.

Looking still an alternative? Actually, only Opera and Firefox can compete with Chrome.


  • Thousands of extensions and themes
  • Exceptional performance
  • Incognito mode
  • Translation and integrated PDF reader
  • Data Synchronization
  • Privacy Management


  • None

Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome for Windows (free)
Download Google Chrome for Mac OSX (free)
Download Google Chrome for Linux (free)
Download Google Chrome for Android (free)
Download Google Chrome for iPhone (free)
Download Google Chrome for iPad (free)

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