Widget and share features in new version of Google Keep

7 Nov
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Google has updated the note app Keep for iOS with new features to share messages. The app works now better with Google Docs. Also, there is a new widget for iOS.

Google Keep share functions

Google Keep is a fine note app that is also available for iOS, Android, and Web. The app makes it possible to store notes quickly that will be synced to all kinds of devices. Although several of these kinds of apps exist, Keep shines in simplicity. However, in functionality, the app does not stay behind.

Since the latest update, the app works better with Google Docs. Among the options of a single note now there is the option “Send to Google Docs”, where the message is sent as a document to Google Docs. You get the ability to view the message directly in the Documents app or by working in Keep.

In addition, it is now possible to share your notes with others. For this, the app uses since the latest version, the extension part of iOS, for example, to share a note using a social network. Furthermore, it is now possible to open Keep by a new widget via the message center in the Today view. With these new features, Google embeds Keep clearly deeper into the iOS system.

Google Keep for iOS download

Google Keep can be downloaded at the App Store by clicking on the link below. The app works on both iPhone and iPad and is 38.7MB. You need at least iOS 8 to run the app.

‎Google Keep - Notes and lists
‎Google Keep - Notes and lists

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