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Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is the application and website that allows apps to be installed on mobile phones running on Android. It is the Android equivalent of Apple’s App Store.

Google Play Store
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Through the Play Store you can download both free and paid apps and games and install them. Paid downloads must be paid with a Google Wallet account (which you can pay with Mastercard or Visa) or mobile phone bill.

Google Play is managed by Google. In order to download and / or install apps, a Google account is required. When creating a Google Account an email address must be specified.

Many of the free software are offered with adware and often the user has the option to upgrade to a paid version without ads and any additional features.

Via Google Play (both via the Play Store app on the phone and via the normal Google Play website) you can filter by paid and free apps. Also, games and other apps can be viewed separately.

Of the paid apps, 70% of the price goes to the developer, the remaining 30% is divided among the carriers and payment company, Google itself takes no percentage.


Google Play has two audiences:
End users
First, the users or end users. This is for all users of an Android phone who wants to download and install apps or games on their device. Google Play is only available in supported countries.

The other main target group are called developers or software developers. They can offer the applications made ​​by them through Google Play. For paid applications Google bears care for the settlement with the purchaser of the applications. To offer applications through Google Play Google sets a number of requirements. The developer must agree to these terms of use before it is able to offer applications via the platform.

Unlike the iPhone / iPad and other Apple products for which applications can only be distributed through its own App Store, Android apps may be may also be sold outside the Play Store.

The number of applications offered available through the Play Store has grown rapidly. In March 2009 there were, according to the technical director of T-Mobile (USA) 2300 applications available. According to the statistics that are available online, the total number of available games and applications in June 2012 would be more than 600,000. In October 2012 there were 25 billion downloads counted.

The ratio of free applications and paid applications shows that the most requested apps are free apps. In June 2010 the ratio of free and paid apps in favor of the free apps would amount to 57% of the offer (regardless of the number of times an app is called up, this figure refers to the total supply). This would be more than twice as many as the percentage of free apps from the Apple App Store.

New Google Play

The biggest change in the transition from Android Market to Google Play was the coming together of different services. Android Market, Google eBooks, Google Music and Google Movies (these were all from the Android Market available). Android devices with Android 2.1 or lower did not receive the update to the Play Store.

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