27 Jan
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Perhaps you are already familiar with Greenify, a popular app among Android users who have rooted their devices. You can, however, use the application without root to extend the battery life of your device.

This is possible with Greenify

Do you have a battery that drains before the end of the day, then Greenify is a convenient solution. The battery saver app shows which apps slurp empty your battery and turn them into a special sleep mode which is stronger than the current sleep mode which Android features. This allows for fewer interruptions while using your mobile device, and also has a positive effect on battery life.

For some time, it is possible to use Greenify on non-rooted devices. It is necessary for this to turn on automatic sleep mode, which is something that without root only can be done by authorizing ‘Settings > Accessibility > Greenify’. That is somewhat cumbersome, but ensure that at least that you do not necessarily need to root your device to use this functionality.

How it works

The difference with an app like Titanium Backup is that apps that are in sleep mode can still be used. From Greenify you tap them and press the Play button to resume. To make the battery save app analyze the (heavy) apps it have to hibernate and which not, press the plus sign on the right. Then select the apps you want to add to the list.

Greenify also learns from your use; it will put frequently used apps not so fast in sleep mode. This process, which many other task killers use, runs in the background and consumes ironically more energy. Finally, widgets are handy to quickly sleep apps and/or lock your device.

Download Greenify

Greenify is free to download in Google Play for selected devices with different Android versions. See if your Android device is supported by clicking the link below. Do you want to delete the app, you must first disable it in Settings > Accessibility and Settings > Screen lock and Security > Device administrators.

Download Greenify for Android (free)

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