1 Jan
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Rip DVD’s to iPod, iPhone and HDTV format

With the free open-source HandBrake, you can convert your DVD movies to mp4 and Mkv formats. Both novice and technicians can make simple video files that are ready for an iPod, iPhone, or HD (High Definition) display.

Setting profiles
In HandBrake, you decide the details. Although the menu is filled with numbers and fields, you still start easily with the Source and Start buttons. Through presets, or profiles, HandBrake has been waiting for you put the settings for various media.

However, you’re free to mess with settings for video, audio, subtitles and the like. With the Preview window, HandBrake rapidly produces a preview of your new video file. Completely converting a DVD takes quite some time, but the end result is (especially in mk4 files) in good quality.

Paying money for a DVD ripper is no longer necessary. With HandBrake you can convert free and for nothing in a user-friendly and high-quality manner.

HandBrake supports the following formats
Imports: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image, normal DVD, and some VOB and TS files.
Exports: mkv and mp4.

Download Handbrake

Download Handbrake (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

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