Horizon Chase: cool racing game with retro graphics

27 Nov
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Horizon Chase plays nice, looks nice, and is very addictive.

A retro racing game

Horizon Chase is already available for iOS for a while and is seen by many as one of the best mobile games this year. The game is a fast-paced racing game which both the gameplay and graphic style reminiscent of earlier games. That experience is now available on Android. In Horizon Chase, you control a car and take on different jobs against other cars. Characteristic of the game is the speed at which you drive because you are going rapidly from corner to corner while avoiding objects and enemies.

The controls of Horizon Chase is pretty simple. On the screen you see four virtual buttons: accelerate, steer left and right, and a nitro button. The latter is used to obtain temporary even more speed.

Striking about Horizon Chase is the graphic style. The game looks very colorful and sharp, with nifty effects. In the game, you race through 32 different cities and each with its own look. The difficulty will, as you get into the game, get harder, and this is important to keep upgrading your car with new parts.

Download Horizon Chase for Android

Horizon Chase is an absolute must and can be downloaded via the link below. The first five courses can be played for free, after which you can purchase the full game for $2.99. For installation of Horizon Chase, you need 189MB of free storage and Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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