Hotspot Shield Elite

2 Jan
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With Hotspot Shield Elite you can obtain access to sites that you would not normally see in your region.

Make a virtual private network (VPN)
With Hotspot Shield Elite you can make a so-called virtual private network (VPN) between your PC and the Internet gateway of your browser. You do not have to install Hotspot Shield Elite. In your browser, a second window will open and a green or red shield in the status bar indicates whether Hotspot Shield Elite is active.

Hotspot Shield Elite download

A secure and encrypted Internet
Using Hotspot Shield Elite, you get a secure, encrypted connection. So all your confidential data are safe even on public networks. Also, you will be assigned a new IP address, so you can surf anonymously.

Another advantage of Hotspot Shield Elite is that you get access to blocked websites in your area. Now you can finally see everything on YouTube and Netflix and listen to all the music on Pandora.

Bypass geographical limitations
With Hotspot Shield Elite you bypass simple and effective geographical limitations and keep your data even further protected.


  • Protects your connection
  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Access blocked videos
  • Very easy to install


  • Can slow browsers

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