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6 Nov
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You can share your favourite photos with your friends with Instagram. You can add friends via Twitter and Facebook for example. The nice thing about Instagram is that when you have a picture or video you can apply a filter, so you can give photos a different look. Just like Facebook, pictures of you and your friends will appear in a timeline. You can like the pictures of your friends and they can like yours.

Instagram has been named the best iPhone app of the year. Instagram for Android was published in April 2012. In the same month it was announced that Facebook has bought Instagram for one billion dollars.

With Instagram you make your photos and videos with your smartphone, add effects and share them with friends and family on the private social network app – or through other social networks.

How does Instagram work?
You take photos, add a filter and post the photos on Instagram community or on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or Tumblr. With the Instagram app, you can give and receives Likes and comments on photos and videos.

Instagram’s interface is reminiscent of the timeline of Facebook. You see all the photos you’ve uploaded yourself and the people you follow.

In the latest version of Instagram, you can also tag people in photos you upload, like Facebook. The photos also appear on their Instagram feed. Instagram also supports geotagging, letting you add a location and see where others have taken their pictures.

The best part of Instagram is, of course, the filters. You choose from numerous variants, such as Lomo-fi, Early Bird, Lily, Apollo, Nashville, 1977, and more, each with their own color, brightness and exposure. With any luck, you’ll get great results.

Instagram also supports videos. You can make films longer than 15 seconds that you share across the network. Like the photos, choose for the videos also one of the many filters as they just give something extra.

Is Instagram complicated?
Instagram is very user-friendly. At the bottom of the interface you’ll see a row of icons that gives you access to different options of Instagram, the photo-feed engine, take pictures, news feed, and profile settings. If you look at pictures on your profile, you can view the pictures as a list or collage.

The pictures themselves are nicely displayed, with likes and comments under each photo. Liking or commenting you do with a simple click on the heart or the response icon. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view the photos in full screen.

Adding filters and editing your photos is very simple. Take a photo from within the app or choose one from your photo library. Look what effect you like best, you will see the result as a preview. Cropping and editing are very basic, but easy to implement.

Unfortunately, the editor does not have an undo function. Do you make a mistake, you start all over again.

With Instagram, you can easily add fun effects to your photos and share with your friends. To share pictures, you have to first create an account. The editing possibilities are very extensive and absolutely worth it.

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