25 Jan
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iTunes is an excellent player in the field of media management. The free application is a player and online store for apps, music and video.


The offer from the iTunes Store is very extensive and includes since the advent of the iPhone and iPad a section with applications and games. You can also effortlessly sync your ebooks and PDF files with iOS. Of course, you can download iTunes for free but make sure that music, video and (paid) apps cost money.

What social media is concerned, there’s some changes. Apple has removed the unsuccessful Ping and made way for Facebook and Twitter.

Through your account, you can see which Facebook friends have liked the new John Mayer CD and easily share your own opinion via Twitter. You can also check here for Twitter accounts from artists to see if they are coming with new CDs or concerts.

Download iTunes

Your personal DJ

ITunes organizes your music, ads beautiful album art (cover flow) and catalog by artist, album, genre, and favorites. Playlists can be created in a snap, although you can leave everything to the program.

iTunes DJ provides the music at parties where your favorite tracks are given priority. On such a festive evening an iPhone or iPod Touch can be used as a remote control for the player. A unique feature in iTunes is to automatically share your music with people on the same network.


iTunes is the undisputed winner in the field of media management. Not only do users of iPhone and iPod (Touch) benefit from the services. In addition to the excellent organization of your music, iTunes syncs videos, bookmarks, notes, e-mail accounts, contacts, and calendars. Itunes converts effortlessly most music formats, but for video you need external software. It’s an advanced player with lots of extras.

iTunes supports the following formats
MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC, and Apple Lossless.


  • Rating of tracks
  • Sharing of libraries
  • Many synchronization services
  • iDevice as remote


  • QuickTime format
  • Required for iPod / iPhone
  • No video converter

Download iTunes

Download iTunes for Windows (free)
Download iTunes for Mac OSX (free)

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