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28 May
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Don’t waste your precious time with jet lag on long distance trips. Try the Jet Lag App, the best solution available today to prevent jet lag.

Reduce all jet lag symptoms

Travelling rapidly across multiple time zones can cause you to feel sleepy or hungry at odd hours of the day. By adjusting your sleeping pattern before traveling you can help to reduce these symptoms before they happen. This will ensure that your biological clock is in sync so you can get the most out of your day.

Suitable for adults and children

Jet lag can affect both adults and children that fly across multiple time zones rapidly. The Jet Lag App can help both adults and children reduce the symptoms of jet lag. Don’t let jet lag after your flight ruin your vacation with your family. By using the jet lag app you can ensure that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest by eliminating jet lag symptoms before they happen.

Helps to restore your sleeping pattern

The Jet Lag App is a sure way of ensuring your sleeping patterns stay in sync. Follow the Jet Lag App’s advice and you will be back to normal and feel less tired quickly. By filling in some details about your trip, such as arrival and departure times the Jet Lag App will calculate the best possible advice for you. Download the app and experience for yourself how easily you can get rid of your jet lag so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Export to your calendar

Export the Jet Lag Apps advice to your calendar with the handy export function. This way you can use your device to help you remember when you have to take a certain action. Your personal advice will be synced across the different time zones so you can effectively reduce the symptoms of jet lag.

Download Jet Lag App

Jet Lag App is not available for download anymore. Try Jet Lag Rooster as an alternative.

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