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3 Jan
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With Just Color Picker you can find out the exact technical value of colors on your screen. The free application reports colors in five formats, including RGB and HTML. If you find, for example, a beautiful shade and want to use it for a graphic project, Just Color Picker helps you in no time to the correct value.

At the top of the simple menu, you can find a box with a zoom-in on the mouse cursor. Just Color Picker next to it indicates the color code and the exact pixel (spot) of the cursor position. To save the value simply press the keyboard shortcut “Alt + X”. Just Color Picker sets the value to a list in the right pane. With a small drop-down menu, you can change the color format. If you would like to use this to code a website or blog, then choose “HTML”.


Just Color Picker requires no installation. However, this also means that the application does not remember the searched colors from a previous session. Fortunately, you can save the values ​​as appropriate in a simple .txt file, which you open with a program like Microsoft Word or plain with Windows Notepad.

Colors on your screen always have a technical value. With the lightweight program Just Color Picker you discover them this easy and use them for your design work.


  • Clear menu
  • Keyboard shortcut for saving color
  • Save colors found in txt file
  • No installation required


  • History does not retain color

Download Just Color Picker

Download Just Color Picker for Windows (free)
Download Just Color Picker Mac OSX (free)

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