Kickstarter for Android

22 Jan
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We have had to wait three years, but finally, the official Kickstarter on Android app is available.

Kickstarter for Android

A Kickstarter app for iOS was already available, but a version for Android was not forthcoming. That changed today because the app is available now in Google Play. The application is mainly aimed at the normal user. You can find projects, but can’t donate money yet. Plus you get frequent updates about projects you support and you can see where friends have invested money.

Although you get the choice to log on, you can also use the app without a Kickstarter account. The application is arranged and works with a burger menu, which is activated by clicking the button above left. Here you will find all kinds of categories (from art to video games) containing thousands of projects to discover. Campaigns are presented with beautiful images, where you can see at the bottom how many backers the project has and how much of the required amount is collected.

Kickstarter for Android

Kickstarter for Android

The ‘Activity Feed’ highlights projects that your friends have supported, although you also get to see the latest updates from developers. Think of it as a gathering place with news on your favorite campaigns. Do you want to stay informed, you can choose to receive notifications when an update is posted.

The Kickstarter app uses various Material Design elements and thus feels smooth and fast. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible for developers to manage their projects from the Android app. Therefore, they will still need to use a PC. Kickstarter does promise that more functions are added to the app in the future.

Download Kickstarter for Android

Download Kickstarter for Android (free)

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