King Tongue: a fast paced action game

29 Nov
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King Tongue revolves around the main character’s tongue. Both to move and to defeat the enemy with bananas.

King Tongue

King Tongue is the king of tongues. His long tongue not only helps him to shoot through the levels like nobody’s business but also to defeat the enemy bananas. Bananas? Yes, bananas. Bananas with bazookas, banana helicopters, and super bananas with capes.

The unique controls take some getting used to. Although the flying red creature that looks like an Angry Bird, the steering is not as simple as pulling a catapult back and releasing it. With the tongue, the creature can be drawn to a fixed point. Press the screen again, and the king release and unmanageable flies farther. Through the proper use of the tongue, you quickly go through the many environments.

Although the tongue swinging is pretty funny, the strength of the game is in the action. In each level, you get presented with a pile of bananas and bananas that you want to destroy. For this, they have very slow bazookas, but also helicopters in their arsenal. The idea is that you disable any banana by giving them a kick. If you’re you struck by a bullet then you’re off.

As more and more bananas are in focus, the action is also becoming more chaotic. The game shows its strength when you make sequences of actions. Tongue King makes a particularly nice surprise in the App Store.

Download King Tongue

King Tongue cost $1.99 in the App Store. The app requires 88,3Mb free space on your iPhone or iPad and you need at least iOS 6.0 to be able to play the game.

‎King Tongue
‎King Tongue
Developer: Ankama
Price: Free+
  • ‎King Tongue Screenshot
  • ‎King Tongue Screenshot
  • ‎King Tongue Screenshot
  • ‎King Tongue Screenshot
  • ‎King Tongue Screenshot

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