KnockOn: fast unlock method for any Android device

26 Oct
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KnockOn is a new app from the creator of Floatify which makes the eponymous unlock methode, which we know of smartphones from LG, available for all devices running Android 4.1 or newer.

Unlock by tapping the screen

KnockOn is a handy app to quickly unlock your Android device without using the power button. A double tap is enough to awaken your smartphone and, in the same way, you can lock it again. The concept is not new but works well.

Keep in mind that the “Wake on tap’ feature consumes much energy on devices that do not have an AMOLED screen. KnockOn makes the picture namely completely black, but in non-AMOLED displays the black pixels are still lit. The ‘Lock on tap’ function is energy efficient, whatever screen type you have.

KnockOn app

If you have set a Security Code or pattern, then you must also enter that just after activating KnockOn to access your smartphone. However, the double-tap to wake function is handy to have a look whether you have received any new messages.

Download KnockOn for Android

Via the link below you download the free version of KnockOn which requires at least Android 4.1 and 0.5MB of free space. The paid version ($1.20) lets you enable a sleep mode and determine how fast you must tap to unlock your device.

KnockOn - Screen On / Off
KnockOn - Screen On / Off
Developer: Jawomo
Price: Free
  • KnockOn - Screen On / Off Screenshot
  • KnockOn - Screen On / Off Screenshot
  • KnockOn - Screen On / Off Screenshot
  • KnockOn - Screen On / Off Screenshot

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