Launchy: smart app displays shortcuts based on location

21 Oct
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I was very pleased about the widget on your home screen of Sense 7 which shows an app-selection based on location. Unfortunately for me, I had found nothing comparable for my Galaxy S6; until today. Launchify makes this possible at any extension.

Launchify is a new app in Google Play that not only displays your most used apps, but also select apps based on your location. These are then displayed on your lock screen, but also in the notification bar and as a widget on your home screen. So you always have them close at hand.

Launchy: Shortcuts based on location

You can change which apps you prefer and which apps you would rather not display at all with this launcher for Android. At this time, it is possible to display a single row with shortcuts, would you rather show two rows, is this only possible with the premium version of the app.

A big plus of Launchify are the recommendations for apps that it gives based on your location. Because you can set whether you’re at home or at work and which apps you want to see there. Very handy, because at home you may often play the same game while you are at work you may prefer to see mail or Google Drive. Slight downside is entering the address where you want to see these apps does not work quite well. It took me several attempts to enter my address before the application actually gave an address suggestion that I could select.

In addition, the app can see if you are driving and based on that information the app proposes apps such as podcast or Spotify.

Download Launchify

Launchify is free to download in Google Play. Would you like to further customize the app to your preferences, you pay $1.63 for the in-app purchase. The app requires 4MB of free storage and Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Download Launchy

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