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24 Aug
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The new iOS game Legend of the Skyfish does at first glance especially reminiscent of the Zelda series. But the game definitely has its own gameplay and existence.

Legend of the Skyfish

Legend of the Skyfish is the new production of Crescent Moon Games, the publisher of many iOS games including 2 Bit Cowboy, Tiny Empire, The Deer God and Paper Monsters. And we’re prettu sure you’ve seen even one pass in the App Store. Legend of the Skyfish is very different from the aforementioned games. Not only in style but also in gameplay. It combines the style of Zelda puzzles with beautiful and a nice soundtrack. Below you can read what makes the game so good.

1. Beautifully made

What strikes immediately after you start Legend of the Skyfish is how beautiful it looks. The game takes place on the ocean and you are traveling from island to island on the back of a whale. The goal: to stop Skyfish that devastated the world. The levels all look like they were drawn with care by hand. The game runs smooth and has a wonderful style that is not only colorful but also beautiful animated. Like watching a cartoon.

2. Challenging puzzles

You always find a puzzle on the islands that you must solve so you come to the end. Meanwhile, you must ensure that doors open, enemies are defeated and you don’t get hit by arrows. If you still go down, you start again at the last checkpoint. At the end of a series of islands a boss wait for you that you must defeat in order to progress. And they are quite spicy.

3. Smooth gameplay

The game offers a total of 45 levels to go through with the hero. Controls are simple and works well: walking with your left thumb, hitting with your sword and using your rod with the right.

Legend of the Skyfish Download

The game is available for iPhone and can be purchased for $3,99. Download Legend of the Skyfish via the link below.
Download Legend of the Skyfish for iPhone (free)
Download Legend of the Skyfish for Android (n/a)
Download Legend of the Skyfish for Windows Phone (n/a)

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