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2 Feb
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Minecraft is a sandbox game in which you build your own creations. It’s a simple game where you get easily addicted to. You generally start with empty hands, but in no time, you create huge buildings.

A matter of survival

When you play the game, Minecraft generates automatically a world. Herein you should as soon as possible look for wood and coal. You’ll need to create tools and torches. Then it is wise to carve out a cave before dark; then the monsters come and kill you! The game consists entirely of 8-bit style blocks and the music is very minimalist. This gives Minecraft a totally unique style.

Once you know how to build tools, then it’s time to move a step. In online multiplayer mode, you sometimes see the most diverse creations. Some players are clearly many hours working on this extremely addictive game. For more information we refer you to the Minecraft Wiki.

Minecraft 1.7: The Adventure Update
Up to version 1.0 (the official release) Notch, the creator, came with regular updates. The most impressive of these innovations was the Adventure Update, or Minecraft 1.7. Since this version, it is possible to fly over your world (in the creative mode). In that mode, you also get all the materials available to you. Some players recognize this from the online version. Another important change is that now villages appear; you are no longer alone in the world. The graphics have improved somewhat. The colors stand out, but the 8-bit feel just continues.

House in Minecraft
a House in Minecraft

To play Minecraft for free, we refer you to the online Free Minecraft Classic. The Windows and Mac version is free to download, but you need a premium account for gaming. You purchase this for life.

Do you like to experiment and do you like games where you have to build, then Minecraft is the game of choice. You start with empty hands but soon builds the most wonderful buildings. Once you start Minecraft it is very difficult to stop.


  • Huge free world
  • You’re in charge
  • Everything is possible


  • Stutters occasionally

Download Minecraft

Platform Download Price
iPhone Download on the App Store $6.99
iPad Download on the App Store $6.99
Android Download on the Play Store $6.99
Windows Phone Download on Windows Store $6.99

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  1. I would like to get this game because I have got a laptop now an I used to play my games on my moms ipad an I have not got a single game on my laptop

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