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21 Jan
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Firefox is a free popular browser that is automatically equipped with new updates. The web browser excels in secure browsing, useful add-ons, and fast surfing.

Firefox Plug-ins

Traditionally, Firefox is known for its plug-ins and add-ons, or small pieces of software that improve your browsing experience. These additions are free to download via a built-in store.

A good example is Adblock Plus, a program that lets you block pop-ups, banners, and other annoying ads.

Mozilla Firefox Windows

The tabs can be found in this good web browser’s address bar above and this has not only aesthetic reasons. For example, it takes less space in which the web is prominently displayed. There is also room for the ‘Firefox’ button which houses a number of useful features.

Furthermore, it is easier for programmers to find any loose processes in the source code. Are you a fan of the traditional interface of Firefox, you simply put the tabs back to their old place.

You can browse nicely with the familiar speed that characterizes Firefox. In addition, the browser supports the newer Internet protocols such as HTML5 and Javascript ME, with which you make websites interactive. The old familiar Firefox plugins and the ever popular Flash work on this variant.

With Firefox, Mozilla has an excellent competitors for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and not to mention Opera. So do not wait and start downloading Firefox.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Ready for HTML5


  • We did not find them

Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows (free)
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