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8 Feb
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Netflix was once a video library. The company rented videotapes and DVDs to consumers.

What is Netflix?

With the advent of the Internet, Netflix began an online service, where the customer can watch unlimited movies and series for a small amount per month can. Netflix has several subscriptions.

This concept was very popular in America. Soon it was possible not only to watch movies on the computer, but there was also support for the Apple TV, phones, tablets and other media systems. Today almost any system contains the Netflix application and are all Smart TVs equipped with an app for Netflix.

How does Netflix work?

Netflix works very easily. After you log in, you will see a screen with the movie or series you want to see. Then choose a movie or series and you can watch it immediately!

To watch movies and series, a fast internet connection is required. Most Internet service providers have an Internet connection that is fast enough for streaming movies and series.

The nice thing about Netflix is ​​that when you want to watch a series, the entire season is immediately available. This way you can watch on a rainy afternoon all day your favorite show without commercials or the idea that you should wait until you can see the next part again one week after each episode!

What makes Netflix special?

There are many providers that make it possible to watch movies and series online. The two largest providers are Netflix and Hulu Plus.

The offer of Netflix is ​​huge. Want to get an idea of ​​the range of Netflix? you can find it on this website. Or just start a free trial to find out yourself.

Netflix Devices

Netflix can be accessed through various devices. There are apps for iPhone and iPad, but Netflix also works on PCs, game consoles, and some Blu-Ray players. There are different types of subscription. You have the ability to use the video service on two devices, and four devices if you pay a little more. For consumers who want to try out Netflix, there is a trial period of one month. You pay a subscription via credit card, PayPal, or direct debit.

The offer consists of movies and TV series, both in English and many other languages. The offer is continuously updated with new titles and in any other country, ​Netflix has different deals and, therefore, different offer.

The popular video service offers by Netflix self-produced episodes of Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Orange Is the New Black. Naturally, all videos are equipped with subtitles.
Visit the official website of Netflix.

Download Netflix

Platform Download Price
iPhone Download on the App Store Free
iPad Download on the App Store Free
Android Download on the Play Store Free
Windows Phone Download on Windows Store Free

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