First Nintendo Miitomo app now available

31 Mar
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Miitomo, the first smartphone app from Nintendo is now available to download for Android and iOS. The game revolves around the Miis, the doll which Nintendo players use as an avatar.

Miitomo for Android and iOS

Miitomo was recently launched in Japan, where the app soon was downloaded 1 million times. The first Nintendo smartphone app was quite a while in development but is finally available for download today. Miitomo is not a game, but rather an app to know your friends and to get in touch with each other.

When starting the app, you first need to create or connect to a Nintendo account, after which you can make a selfie for your Mii. You customize the Mii entirely up to you taste, where for example, you choose your face, hairstyle and other outward characteristics. Have you make a character, then give it a name and confirm your choices.

After this the ‘game’ begins, where you have to answer questions about yourself. Consider, for example, “What is your favorite food?” or “How would you describe your style of clothing?”. The answers you provide will be shared with other players. This way you get to know each other better, which is especially funny if you play with friends.


With each question you answer, you get a reward in the form of Miitomo coins. Which you use in the shop to play a minigame, or, for example, to but new clothes for your character. At the mini-game you must drop your character over a playing field, where he gets a price. The store is updated daily, so there is always something new available.

download Miitomo for iOS and Android

Want to try Miitomo? you can download the app via the links below. The application is free and is about 32MB. Also make sure that you have Android 4.1 or higher or iOS7 or higher.

Download Miitomo for Android (free)
Download Miitomo for iPhone (free)

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