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2 Jan
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The free Nitro PDF Reader can open and convert PDF documents. Unlike Adobe Reader, the program provides all sorts of useful editing functions, including adding notes and highlighting text.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the standard format for printable documents as they look on any platform the same. Although you can open with the reader from Adobe – the original developer of the file – pdf files just as good, the software is heavy and inflexible. Nitro PDF Reader comes with the correct answer: a nice lightweight application that lets you open multiple documents at once and allows you to edit to your heart.

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader is characterized by a user interface that looks much like office applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Microsoft Office. You perform actions you with clear buttons on the horizontal toolbar. You can underline and highlight your text, add a signature as a watermark, or take a ‘snapshot’ of a portion of the document. Also, you can easily extract the text or the images in the PDF. Nitro PDF Reader then saves them as separate files for you.

In addition to reading and editing, Nitro PDF Reader convert your web pages, Word files, and the like to the PDF format. For example, if you press in your text editor Ctrl + P, you notice that Nitro PDF Reader is just like a printer added to your system. This does the same thing as a separate PDF conversion software from the same developers, PrimoPDF.

Nitro PDF Reader is a highly recommended alternative to the slow Abobe Reader. The lack of ads gives the reader and editor of pdf files even a dash for excellent competitor Foxit Reader.

Note: If you use a 32-bit version of Windows Vista / 7, you’ll need 32-bit download Nitro PDF Reader.

Nitro PDF Reader supports the following formats


  • Fine Office-like menu
  • Essential editing
  • Extracts text and / or pictures
  • Convert to pdf


  • We found none

Download Nitro PDF Reader

Download Nitro PDF Reader for Windows (Free)

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