Pac-Man 256 now playable on the Apple TV

16 Dec
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The nostalgic game Pac-Man is now playable on the big screen. The developers of Pac-Man 256 made the game available for the Apple TV.

Pac-Man 256 Apple TV app

Pac-Man 256 was developed by Hipster Whale, the team behind the popular game Crossy Road. The game has already been released for iOS and Android devices and is now playable on your TV screen via the Pac-Man 256 Apple TV app.

Control of Pac-Man on your TV involves using the remote control. Swipe left or right to turn down or up and down to change direction and to steer the yellow guy in the right direction. The game continues to work exactly the same on your iPhone or iPad.

Pac-Man 256 looks a lot like the original game, with some modern elements in it. The well-known edible dots, ghosts and the fruit – they are all there to be eaten by Pac-Man, but there are new ghosts and power-ups. The design features a new look.

Download Pac-Man 256

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