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2 Feb
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Pandora is a project initiated on 6 January 2000 by a group of technologists music lovers and musicians, with the idea of creating a comprehensive analysis of music. Therefore they called the project as The Music Genome Project.

Its purpose is to capture the essence of music at its most fundamental level. Like the human genome project, the idea is to classify music by somehow analyzing the “genes” of each song: melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics and others.

With this classification they have been able to take it to a next step: to offer personalized radio stations through the Internet; user suggests the name of a song and the app generates a radio station with a list of “genomic” like music that was requested in the query (for legal reasons the requested song is not played immediately). The user has the ability to mark songs as like or dislike and go customising the stations. You can also propose some new song, and even send music from which the user is the author.

Now only available in regions of the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Platform Download Price
iPhone Download on the App Store Free
iPad Download on the App Store Free
Android Download on the Play Store Free
Windows Phone Download on Windows Store Free
Blackberry Download on the Blackberry World Free

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