Parchi: sleek app lets you make notes on your homescreen

24 Oct
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Microsoft has released a new app that lets you quickly create notes on the home screen of your Android. Parchi has some useful features, looks nice and is free to use.

Take notes on your home screen

Parchi was recently released by Microsoft Garage, a Microsoft division that deals with projects that are not directly related to the company. The app allows users to make short notes directly from the home screen of their Android device. Parchi is displayed on the home screen as a red dot and also lets you switch directly to the camera to take a picture.

In order to structure the notes you create, you can add tags and colors to group notes so you can find them again quickly in the app. Besides text, Parchi also supports reminders, photos and other types of content. Everything is stored within the app itself.

Parchi is further characterized by the use of Material Design, which you see back in the red bar at the top, round action button, and the smooth animations. With the burger menu, you will find additional options for archiving notes or mark as favorites. Notes are also easy to share via email or text message, but apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and Hangouts are also supported.

Parchi download

Parchi is available for download in Google Play. The application is 3.6MB in size and works on devices with Android 4.2 or newer.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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