Peach is now also available for Android

19 Feb
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Peach was released a month ago on iOS and now has made its way to Android. Is this new social network still worth it?
It is the question whether Peach on Android just strike as well as on iOS because the app has hardly been in the news in recent weeks. Should you nevertheless want to try it, then it is good to keep the following points in mind.

1. No timeline

Peach was developed by Dom Hoffman, who we know from the popular app Vine. The app works partly the same as Twitter but also has its own unique characteristics. At first use, you must create an account and choose a username and a profile picture which are also visible to other users.

The people you follow form together a long list, where you can see their latest shared message. If you want to see the messages effectively, you need to go to their stream. There is no timeline as on Facebook and Twitter and it feels at first as a loss.

However, the alternative Peach offers you is interesting. You have, in fact, a private stream, which you fill with photos, text, gif, and other messages. The stream can be made public since the release of the Android app, which clearly offers more options than the earlier private streams. You can now watch more people without having to follow them. You can also share messages via WhatsApp and Facebook, so you can attract more people to Peach.

Peach Android App

Peach uses status updates for the network content, just like Twitter and Facebook. Then there are the likes in the shape of hearts for messages you want to appreciate. You can also leave a comment under messages from others and join a conversation. This gives Peach something of a chat service.

Peach Magic Words
Peach Magic Words

What we do not know of other media are the “magic words.” Through the use of such words, you can add elements to your post. For example, type ‘echo’ or ‘noise’ and a text bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen to use the element. The full list of magic words can be found on the website of Peach.

3. Limited number of users

Now that Peach can also be used for Android users, the network can pull potentially more people and, therefore, could get more interesting. The question is whether that is really going to happen since the real hype is over. Moreover, we still lack a desktop version, so you’re limited to the app.

Download Peach

Want to try Peach? you can download the app for free from Google Play. Installation is 4,1MB storage and requires Android 4.4 or higher.

Download Peach for Android (free)

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