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21 Nov
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Phone Usage is an App that can view your calling minutes, text messages and 3G data usage. It is a very useful app to help you not to go over your bundle. You can view the statistics per day, per week or per month. When you set how many minutes and text messages you can use per month, you can see exactly how much you can still call and text before you reach the limit. This can also be very useful for data usage because providers nowadays often set a data limit (usually 1 GB per month).

A report can be requested for a month, week or day in which you can see exactly who called and texted, how long a call was and when the call took place. This way you’ll never surprised at the end of the month. The first time the App is launched all your calls and text messages of the last two months is scanned and you immediately can a report. Please note that data usage can not be seen right away. This will be updated from the time that the App installed.

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