20 Jan
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Manage all your digital photos with the Google-developed Picasa. The software contains everything you need to organize your photo collection: import to your PC, organize, edit and share (via Picasa Web, Google+, etc.)

Picasa: Everything to manage your photos

Picasa is an essential program for all photographers. You manage and view your pictures, edit them and share them.

To begin, you import the photos that are stored on your PC. Picasa gives you the opportunity to your scan your hard disk every time you start the software and automatically synchronize the found photos. So you never have to import manually.

Once your photos have been added to Picasa, they are classified into albums, named after the folders in which they are stored. Then you can easily reorganize the photos by simply dragging them to the place where you’d like them to be. To find your photos even better return, it is also possible to add tags, such as the location where they are taken.

Picasa is certainly not Photoshop, but you still have some simple edits, crop, adjust color, contrast enhancing, red-Eye, filters, etc.

Picasa Windows
Picasa running on Windows.

You can also make posters, screensavers and even movies of your photos. You view this with an external and share on various platforms, such as Picasa itself, Google+ account, Blogger, etc.

Finally, Picasa has a very useful option to detect duplicates and blank albums, geo-tag, and compress photos.

Access software
Picasa is both comprehensive and accessible. The software has a number of advanced features, such as the editing tool, which are easy to use for many people. The graphical interface is intuitive and gives direct access to all options. Even less experienced users can start with Picasa.

All-in-one software has everything
Picasa is ideal to manage your photos, retouch and share with your loved ones. The program is easy to use and is recommended for all amateur photographers, especially if they make use of all other Google services.

Picasa supports the following formats


  • Interesting effects
  • Add Tags
  • Additional features
  • Share photos online


  • Limited Face recognition

Download Picasa

Download Picasa for Windows (free)
Download Picasa for Mac OSX (free)

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