22 Jan
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The free PrimoPDF convert your documents into PDF format. Whether it’s a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or a Web page: throw them into PrimoPDF, determine the output quality and they come out as printable pdf files.

A PDF file looks the same everywhere, regardless of platform (Microsoft, Mac, mobile phone) and printer. This makes PDF the standard format for printing out documents. With PrimoPDF, you convert your text, images, ebooks, and the like to pdf. Do you want to protect the file, you add a password to open and / or edit the pdf’s.

PrimoPDF Windows
PrimoPDF main screen.

PrimoPDF will add automatically to your PC print function. If you click Ctrl + P in, for example, Microsoft Word, then PrimoPDF is there as if it were a printer. Click Print to open the menu. Here you choose from four preset print profiles which provide documents of different file sizes and quality. PrimoPDF also puts an icon on your desktop: to quickly convert, drag your documents here.

PrimoPDF converts documents reliably to the PDF format. Compared to fine competitors such as CutePDF Writer and FreePDF, this application includes excellent print profiles for exporting to optimal quality. We take for granted that the beautiful menu is half occupied by an advertisement for the PDF Reader Nitro PDF Reader.


  • 4 Print profiles for different output
  • Easily secure PDF files
  • Drag documents to the desktop shortcut


  • Advertising in menu

Download PrimoPDF

Download PrimoPDF for Windows (free trial)

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